Stuff What do museums have? STUFF! All kinds of stuff. Objects, items, pictures, books, articles, and more. Much more. Some of it is organized into specific displays, but some stuff doesn’t quite fit in any specific spot. So ... this page will be a place were we put stuff that doesn’t seem to belong elsewhere on the site. Odds & ends, bits & pieces, this & that. Occasionally, stuff that appears here may be moved to other pages. Or thrown out! If we get a lot of stuff on some topic we may give it a page of its own. So come on back now & then and see what kind of stuff we’ve posted on this page. If you have stuff that should possibly appear here, we’d like to hear from you. Contact info can be found on the left side of our homepage.
Mystery Miner
Mission Improbable? We have an old miner who shows up now & then at the museum. Some folks think it may be actor Martin Landau, just hangin’ out in the UP. What do you think?
The Back Office
Volunteer Jim Stanek
Plantings by Karen Salling
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Welcome to Norway!
Welcome to Norway! click photo to enlarge
The Jake Menghini Museum
n o r w a y m i c h i g a n